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I am maybe 20 pages into Ancillary Justice.

And I want to injure it in the way some people want to injure Tom Hiddleston.

lionteacher, velogiraffe, zazial I am tagging you all in the meme of reading this book.


This is the story of a racist myth that began with a light-hearted letter to the New England Journal of Medicine in 1968 and subsequently exploded in North American culture — in direct opposition to every shred of scientific evidence — becoming so prevalent that credulous eaters…

Yes. People with food sensitivities are not just “hysterical”, “picky” and “following trends” like it is normally popular to describe them. They are now actively racist.

Heaven forbid we do further research on “reactions between MSG and other salts and/or enzymes.” We are now done here forever, fuck people’s headaches, lightheadedness, and fainting. They are probably just crazy and racist.

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what if instead of a same gender detective partnership who keep getting mistaken for a romantic couple, you had a same gender romantic couple who keep getting mistaken for detectives
‘hello, I’m sam darling, and this is my partner gregory hitch’ ‘AH YES THE PRIVATE…



It’s here! The epic, amazing, and tearbending trailer for the final Legend of Korra season has arrived. Check it out and reblog with your best reaction gif.


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Ugh, why aren’t they banging right now? I don’t even WANT them to bang, but it’s such a double standard. If they were of different genders they’d have banged like eight times already. And I would hate it.

They should be banging. I would hate it, but at least I would grudgingly respect it.


[Image: Jonathan Frakes (in civvies) hugs Alice Krige (in costume as the Borg Queen) on the set of Star Trek: First Contact. Image from Trekcore.]

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